…I tried. I really did.

I tried to sit in an office, 45 hours a week, surrounded by dull lackluster conversation and a monotonous energy. I bought into the idea that I had to do work that I hated and that bored me to financially support me as I build my dreams. But…I just…couldn’t…do it…anymore.

I read books about achieving success and completed programs to help brainwash me to success. I joined online support groups and went to local meetings to help give me that push that I needed. And it helped for sure!! But…it wasn’t enough.

I know people do it, but everyone’s journey is different. My journey involves creating mini visions like the way the Waze app celebrates with you with random prizes on the way to your destination. I don’t want to be utterly bored when I’m driving and not when I’m living my life to day to day either. Waze has the concept down–it’s in the journey, not the destination!

“My life will suck until my dreams come true”….Okay…do you know what your life purpose is? If you don’t, how long do you plan on it taking to find out? Some people search for a lifetime. Do you want to stay in that job until you retire and then make time to find out? Could take a year. Could take a few weeks. Would you like to take that gamble?

If you do know your purpose, or at least have a higher vision for yourself, congratulations! Not everyone gets that far. But how long will it take you to get to that top? We can follow traditional goal setting advice and have a statement that “By [insert date here], I will have quit my job and be making [insert cash amount here] monthly with my own business”. I’m not saying it’s bad advice…I’m just saying….I see it all. the. time. ESPECIALLY newbie entrepreneurs will say “Oh it will only take me 6 months to get established, and then I’ll be up and running!”. Well, unrealistic optimism is a necessary trait for an entrepreneur and trailblazer, so bravo! But those people may take a year to two years to five or even more until they get on their feet. I watch them and praise them for their success, but this is a warning to you.

How much room do you have in your life for unhappiness?

What if you found out today that you had a deathly disease and only had three months to live? What would become important to you? What values would become important to  you that you are not focused on right now? Would you make more time for your family and loved ones? Would you take more risks? Would you choose your daily schedule to be different than right now?

“My Life Will Suck Until My Dreams Come True”-True or False?  We decide.

I urge you as an SOS to reflect on these questions if they are resonating with you. Remember the substance of who we are over what we’re being taught.©️️ Only you know what you’re made of and what you really need.