Today, I got paid $200 for about 3 1/2 hours worth of “work”…Also known in my world as “play”.

We are greeted by a man with a fun patterned shirt and a London accent. He greets each of us enthusiastically knowing that even though we just think we’ve come for a work day, a traditional focus group he’s about to awaken us into an experience of senses.

A national renown mixologist and local bartendar comes in to share with us the basics of what goes into drink making. Her professionalism, passion, and vocabulary set her world’s apart from the experience I had in Bartending School. I realized I wasn’t simply here to memorize recipes and throw them together. I was learning the SCIENCE and ART, the TOOLS to fly off the handle and be my own creater.

We are teamed up into pairs to create.

We create a drink called Mellow Morning and Black Walnut Raspberry Cola. We get third place and as a prize we get a brand new recipe book probably worth about $50. Lunch is treated to us–a powerfoods salad that includes a delicious well cooked and locally grown steak, and we leave with thank you gifts–really nice cocktail shakers, so that we can go into the world, and create! We are treated with respect and gratitude, and their team treats us not like we are smaller but as people who are helping them find out whatever they need to find out for their client.

This gig goes along with my values: to have fun, to work with people who treat each other like a team, and inspire you not from an ego of “I’m bigger than you, I’m the boss of you” but from the idea that leaders create leaders, and also with my value of being a creator every single day. Decide what values are important to you to bring into your experience, and you can find work that really inspires you, or atleast keeps you from snoring. 😉





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