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Social media gets a bad wrap for tearing us apart. It gets blamed for the cause of wrecks and creating false perceptions of ourselves. Well, the same could be said for driving while applying lip stick–it distracted us and we used it for our image while operating a vehicle.

Social media offers amazing resources we never had before. I want to inspire eyes to widen and relax. I want to inspire hearts to open. Let’s refine our palettes to the new day and age. 

Selfies-Can be used for vanity, yes. Alternative uses can be to share our experiences of what’s going on in our day. 

Followers and likes- Many people are using this for ego. Before followers and likes, ego was still there and something else was being used. Ever been around high school cliques, and adult version of high school cliques? Some people use likes as knowing this is a way for our friends and families to say “Hey, I’m listening. I an glad you’re having fun on vacation. I am keeping in touch with you”‘

Followers and Friends- Can be used for a false sense of popularity and importance. Can be used to make a difference in that many more people’s lives. 

Facebook Groups-Can be used for spamming and bashing. Can be used to connect with people who share feelings and interests we share that we never had access to before the internet. It’s as simple as typing in what you want and hitting “Request to join”. Do you know what it would have taken before to find these people if ever even having a chance to? They’d have to travel the world and maybe not find them. 

SnapChats-Very short blurbs of conversation or video. Can be used to compare your life to theirs and get depressed at how happy they seem. Can be used as a source of inspiration to aspire to that person’s level of success and excitement, can be used to be exposed to possibilities. 

Twitter-Can be used by celebrities to throw quick insults at each other. 
Can be used to quickly share daily blurbs and make people laugh. 

Pinterest-Can be used as an addiction to list many projects, maybe purchase many craft materials that never get done. Can be used to actually complete the art projects and master our own crafts 🙂 

I could go on and on. I could start a never ending facebook thread about it for us all to contribute our different uses 😉 So is social media a bad habit we should all wish away? Or could it be an amazing gift? We get to decide. We get to be true to ourselves or not.

We are not yet run by robots like the Sci-Fi shows have made us anticipate. They can only run us if we let them.

🌸Choose the substance of who we are over the style we are being taught.🌸