Who I Am

I am the Authenticity Igniter and a motivational artist.

I learn about authentic expression in any form. Speaking, writing, acting, modeling, painting and eventually I will continue to play and add on more to my resume.An artist peals back the layers, and peals more and more until the deepest story isrevealed. This goes for songs, speeches, film making, painting, and more. When I first shared that I am a “motivational speaker” I got mixed reactions. Some people were encouraging, and others squirmed as if I were standing on a pulpit pointing fingers at them. I realized that what I defined as motivational speaker was totally different. I was picturing a few of my favorite frizzy haired online marketers running around in the mountains and sharing their newfound peace and motivating others. Still even my view of “speaker” wasn’t really aligning.

I didn’t want to be told “Don’t share your depression. Only share good things. Andwhen you share your struggle, make sure it is over with and you are calm and collected now.”

I struggle with depression. I think it’s okay if I feel like splattering red paint across a canvas when my heart aches. I think it’s okay to write a spoken word piece that hasno happy ending.

I’d rather not wait to throw an instagram filter on my life before I put it out there. Iam a human being. A volcano is formed deep below the surface, and piles on itself. Magma builds up before it bursts out and all we see is lava, no one wants to know how it got there.

I got fired at the end of 2015 for turning in my boss for sexual harassment. I decided in 2016 I was fed up and I wasnt going to listen to everyone around me urging me to keep going back to these terrible jobs. I needed freedom. I needed expression. I needed a say. So I joined the film industry circus. But not without sacrifice. An overly independent woman was now getting food donated to her and sleeping on strangers couches. I slept in my car a lot too until I got settled. All the way up to beginning of 2017 I would work on film crews, do background acting, model, speaking engagements, and do brand ambasador work. I would only do things in alignment with my freedom and expression.

Mid 2017 I realized it is time to peal back another onion layer. It’s to stop hidingbehind the camera, hiding in the blurry background. It’s time to share with people more of me because we all deserve more. It’s been scary but exhilara

ting. It’s really just begun.

The only transformation I have ever gotten was when I decided to get a flashlightand go into my darkness to see what is in there. Ya gotta go in the basement and findyour own boogie man. It’s the only way. I know what its like to follow the worlds instruction and systems and feel like I’m dying inside. I have been pealing back the onion layers for years and I always have more to go. I believe in sharing the helpful tools and insights that got me to be given traits such as relentless, unwitheringly optimistic, and brave.

I am here to support and be supported because we are one. <3