Who I Am

Hey 🙂 I’m Vanessa Nicole DiAngelo. I am the Authenticity Igniter and Motivational Artist. You can call me Nicole 🙂

A the end of 2015, I got fired for turning in my boss for sexual harassment. I decided in 2016 I was fed up and I wasnt going to listen to everyone around me urging me to keep going back to these terrible jobs. I needed freedom. I needed expression. I needed a say. So I joined the film industry circus. But not without sacrifice. I had to retire my pride and get food donated to me and sleep on strangers couches. I slept in my car a lot too until I got settled. All the way up to beginning of 2017 I would work on film crews, do background acting, model, speaking engagements, and do brand ambassador work. I would only do things in alignment with my freedom and expression.

You can see me in the background of a lot of our favorite TV Shows and Movies including The Walking Dead, Star, Halt and Catch Fire, Bad Moms 2, Spiderman Homecoming, and upcoming Life of the Party with Melissa McCarthy.

Mid 2017 I realized it is time to peal back another onion layer. It’s to stop hiding behind the camera, hiding in the blurry background. It’s time to share with people more of me because we all deserve more. It’s been scary but exhilarating. It’s really just begun.

The only transformation I have ever gotten was when I decided to get a flashlight and go into my darkness to see what is in there. Ya gotta go in the basement and find your own boogie man. It’s the only way. I know what its like to follow the worlds instruction and systems and feel like I’m dying inside. I have been pealing back the onion layers for years and I always have more to go. I believe in sharing the helpful tools and insights that shaped me as relentless, unwitheringly optimistic, and brave.

I am here to support and be supported because we are one. <3


Vanessa Nicole DiAngelo