Substance Over Style:
Choose the Substance of Who We Are Over The Style We Are Being Taught
Go to school. Go to college. Live in debt for your bright high earning future. Get married too soon, and have kids before you even know how to take care of yourself. Hate your job. Buy things you don’t want to impress people you don’t like. Hope to earn enough for the weekend until you retire.  THEN maybe find something you enjoy and nurture yourself.
What if we thought backwards. What if we discovered what we liked right now at any age. What if we learned as much as an 80 year old life by learning many of our life lessons right now. What if we chose jobs that fit us like a glove and gave us a handsome living. What if we then found the right match because we were whole and weren’t waiting on anyone else to give us happiness.
The Substance Over Style mission is to make an apocalypse of your limits. The message is to create a life custom tailored to your every soul’s curve like the tuxedo or gala dress we were given to wear and walk the earth with. To express life more honestly, and experience life of the highest value.
Nicole DiAngelo is the creator. She specializes in helping Artists, Entrepreneurs, Social Rebels, and Passionate Purpose Seekers in staying grounded and motivated. She has spoken at various events including Self Love Groups, Entrepreneur Seminars, and Music Festivals.  She also shares her messages on her YouTube, Podcast, Blog, and e-mail list. Feel free to check them out.