What is a Motivational Artist?


What you seek, is seeking you


Who am I to stand on stages elevated from common people? 

I am just someone who decided to stand up and use my voice. 

I am you. You are me. I am just a projection from your consciousness, calling you to feel, calling you to sit still, calling you to move more, calling you to challenge yourself, calling you to mindshifts to break free from whatever holds you back. 

As a “Motivational Speaker” here is what I refuse:

I will not stand from the stage just to point down at you,

I will not spit out words that have been published 100, 000 times,

And hide what’s really underneath, having a secretly contradicting life;

My aim isn’t to take advantage of anyone’s down on their luck stages with the illusion of a forever solution.

My purpose is to partner with you to remind ourselves that we are the forever solution.

  An artist’s purpose is to tell a story that you can find yourself in and to make you feel alive. 


is the Japanese art of repairing pottery with gold lacquer. As a philosophy, rather than disguising the breakage, it celebrates it as rich history.

When we reveal that we have been broken and made something of it, when we remove the instagram filters, the cultural expectations of who we are to be, we are able to build from there. When we hide our brokenness, we are left to be cracked and functionless wondering why we don’t look like the perfect pottery we see on mass manufactured shelves.

 I refuse to be stripped of all my flaws and packaged in cheap plastic.

We will never be finished products.

We are human.

Our darkness serves us.

And if that resonates with you,

if I’m singing the song that shares everything you feel but couldn’t say,

spend some time here. Click around.



The love in me acknowledges the love in you. 


Vanessa Nicole DiAngelo